Evolve Reunited 2.0

Evolve Reunited is a server for players to search and find matches for Evolve Legacy and stage 2, PC Xbox, PS.

Evolve Reunited 2.0

Created: July 28, 2019

Members: 49295

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we are a community of passionate about the evolve stage 2 game and the evolve legacy version, we take unconditional pleasure in seeing a new player and seeing that we are not dead because we have only 2K to make you believe, we are trying to save the game, we still have constant games and activity and no period in the year

we were always looking for him to send a message to 2K to make it clear that we are not lost and that 2K, you could always come and play, but we all have your eye, in the worst case, give your game with the license to nemerod, he will know how to use it and give a new breath of life to evolve

the staff is always attentive and has a good reactivity
we are flexible and open to the idea, the content that you could create, can become stickers or even end up in an emot and see in publication in dedicated channel and announcement

you could come with a furry personality or like a monster, come from a region at war or have a religion, or some other detail that makes you a unique person and that we can understand in many languages even if we speak English, we are not there to rob the communities of others, because we do not force, we leave the decision to you.

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