FirmlyMC Friends ● Islamic Server

Welcome to Firmly, the Minecraft Server where your adventure begin!. Explore our world filled with endless possibilities

FirmlyMC Friends ● Islamic Server

Created: January 09, 2023

Members: 1932

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Do you want a 24/7 server to play on? Tired of Aternos servers corroding on your way to find an SMP? Do you want a Spot-on simulator of Peace? well, join us in Firmly SMP server.

At Firmly, we pride ourselves on creating a community that is friendly, supportive, and always looking to have fun. Our dedicated Staff Team works tirelessly to ensure that our Server is up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly.

We provide:
– A community that has No toxicity and abuse.
– Active mods that are willing to help you.
– An land claim SMP and peaceful members and monthly events , compressed into one single SMP server.
– Plugins that were chosen to give out a more simple experience, Harbor, Ultimatehomes, landclaim and many more!
– Trading and active chat and also adding new plugins.
– A handful amount of memes that gives you a handful amount of laughs

We have tactics that I bet your favorite MCYT doesn’t know about!

We are just scratching the surface here, there’s more.
What is it? Find it out yourself! Join us!

1.16.x – 1.19.x SUPPORTED

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