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The official Five Nights at Freddy's Discord server endorsed by Scott Cawthon, where fantasy and fun come to life!

Five Nights at Freddy's   FNaF

Created: August 10, 2021

Members: 16825

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During the day, this is a server of joy. But you aren’t here during the day. Welcome to the verified FNaF Discord server! This server was created by Adam Sklar (Sklarlight) with direct permission and blessing from Scott Cawthon. We’re here for all fans to discuss the franchise, including its games, movies, books, merchandise and more!

The server also includes a slew of general channels for off-topic chats, such as sharing artwork, pets and more. Our server’s motto is to live and let live, meaning we welcome people from all backgrounds and encourage positivity throughout!

We sometimes hold public Q&As with Voice Actors from the games, as well as giveaways kindly provided by Youtooz, Steel Wool, Hex, and more. This server, while official, is run by fans for fans. Find out more information about our server in its Server Guide!

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