✪ League Custom Skin / Chroma / HUD ✪

Hello, this server is especially dedicated to the customization of League of Legends skins, You are welcome :)

✪ League Custom Skin / Chroma / HUD ✪

Created: January 11, 2017

Members: 5614

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Hello ,

->This discord allows us to develop our community, especially league of legends players.

-> I am a creator of tiktok content (nickname: Schintzo).

-> We offer in this server discord custom skins that can be used on the game, it can come from skins of other games, anime implemented in league of legends.

-> There are paid services, that is to say that you ask us to create what you want to have in the game, and free services via surveys that we do from time to time to put online free skins pleasing the community with a voting system (the majority wins of course).

-> So if you are interested in following our journey, enjoying the skins, sharing your ideas, participating in the polls etc. .

You are welcome to join us !

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