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Hackfest Annual Event
Hackfest is the largest hacking event in Canada and brings together more than 1600 computer security enthusiasts in 2019 and looking for more than 1200 in 2022. The event takes place over two days of technical conferences about security and hacking and 3 days of training which have been developed for Quebec and in French.

Both nights let participants measure their security and hacking skills in a unique Hackfest CTF Pro and Classic (Capture The Flag). The whole evening is accompanied by a lockpicking contest, DJ atmosphere, workshops, evening conferences, live podcast recording and more.

Capture The Flag (CTF)
On Saturday evening, more than 300+ participants gather and participate in the unique CTF Pro and Classic organized by the Hackfest every year.

Each year a special element that is not found anywhere else is part of our CTF. It could be a model with environment similar to the SCADA, a reactor, electronic badges, games of Red VS Blue or other!

Hackfest Party
Friday night party allows you to kick your Hackfest week-end by networking with peers and get your badge for the weekend.

Definitely not to be missed!

For three (3) days during the event we offer international quality training on various topics of hacking and security.

Monthly meeting (QuebecSec.ca)
Every 4th Thursday of the month, a meeting is held in Quebec City at the Cégep Ste-Foy. An hour or two hours presentation with or without demo followed by a dinner and a beer with the Hackfest team. https://quebecsec.ca

Mid year hacking and security international event https://ihack.computer

French International podcast on computer security with Quebec and Europe host. Securite.FM

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