frantic ⟢ icons﹒gifs﹒banners﹒giveaways

The most active social icons + pfp server! we host frequent nitro giveaways and offer 500+ emotes, stickers and banners

frantic ⟢ icons﹒gifs﹒customs﹒ banners﹒giveaways﹒roblox

Created: December 26, 2020

Members: 72508

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frantic is a non-toxic social icon server that offers a wide variety of gifs, photos, pfps, banners and more for you to use! we have active chats and frequently host diverse giveaways for awesome items such as nitro, robux, roles and more! to make our server even more entertaining we casually host packing events where members get to be their funniest selves on stage! if you’re looking for an active loving community where everyone feels like one big family, frantic is the place for you :)!

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