A PC Gaming Community with a variety of servers from Atlas, Ark, Conan, DayZ, Minecraft, Empyrion, Eco & More!


Created: July 19, 2019

Members: 4501

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We started out in early 2019 as a small group of friends that rented servers to play together on Atlas. As our population and support grew, we expanded our servers and upgraded our technologies. Now we offer Ark, Conan, Empyrion, and multiple other games. All hosted on own our own dedicated hardware inside a data center with speeds to support an ever-growing community!nnCurrent Servers we Run:nAtlasnArk: Survival EvolvednConan ExilesnMinecraftnDayZn7DayToDienRustnSpace EngineersnECOnEmpyrion: Galactic SurvivalnValhiemnAnd more to come!nnThese servers were created with players in mind! To create a space to allow for creativity and still enjoy our favorite games. You still have to grind a bit just like any survival game but have a easier time with a variety of QOL features. We invite anyone to join and be apart of the Gaming Evolved Community! With active owners and staff we aim to take care of players to the best of our ability with any in-game issues. With basic rules to ensure the best experience is obtained for players while actively listening to player input.

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