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Step into the world of Touhou music, collaborate with fan creators, & chat with fellow listeners in our Discord server!

Gensokyo Radio

Created: September 21, 2015

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Discover a whole new world of music at Gensokyo Radio! Since 2011, we have shared, promoted, and supported independent artists around the world through a niche selection of fan-made music based on one of Japan’s most prolific indie video game series, the Touhou Project.

You’ll find a very broad range of genres, moods, styles, and proficiencies from thousands of fan artists, musicians, and other collaborators. Our Discord community invites fans and creators alike to enjoy the series through music, collaborate and network with creators, and form a community of some of the most enthusiastic fans both within and outside of Japan.

We’re not simply a radio station that plays music 24/7. Our team has helped creators get their music in front of a larger audience through publishing physical music albums, distributing at market events in Japan and stores for independent works, and connecting different types of creators together to make new works possible. We’ve collaborated with music groups and representatives to explore new possibilities and bring live event performances closer to fans outside of Asia.

Through our monthly Live programming, we’ve hosted several artists and musicians, game developers and representatives, and event collaborators in an effort to broaden our audience’s understanding of the talent, effort, and work that goes into each individual’s craft. Independent creators are some of the most dedicated people we’ve met, and we want to share their stories and works with as many fans as we can.

If you’re a fan of music, games, or the Touhou Project series, stop by and say hello to one of the best communities in the space today!

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