Gladiator Network

This server is a fastly growing realm network consisting of Skyblock, Factions, KitPvP, soon to be Prisons and a Skygen!

Gladiator Network

Created: October 07, 2022

Members: 2117

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Here at Gladiator Network we offer the following: Factions, Skyblock, KitPvP and soon to be Prison and Skygen.nWe are a fully custom/unique network. We have our own builders, developers that work on all the networks realms to make them the best/unique experience for all new players. All of our realms are fast growing, so is the community playerbase gaining over 500 members in just over a week. When the realms are open theyu2019re full for hours on end.nnThey all have there own unique features:n- The skyblock you have events like koth, supply drops, x2 sell value.n- On the factions itu2019s the same but with custom quests and a very custom gui.n- The kit pvp is still in the works but we are making something thatu2019s never seen before. – There will be custom bosses that spawn within the arena making it a more fun experience and so itu2019s not just mainly kit pvp but also pve.n- All of these maps bar the skyblock are custom built, are attracting a huge amount of players into the community.n- If you are interested please join the discord ( our servers offer:nuD83DuDD25 SneakPeeks (almost) every Week!nuD83DuDC37 Custom Spawnersnu2694uFE0F Quests, Rewards!nuD83EuDEC2 Friendly Community & Friendly Staff!nuD83CuDF89 Constant Giveaways! (Nitro, Ingame items and more!)nuD83CuDF81 50+ Discord Boosters! (Level 3+)nuD83DuDC51 Active Owners!

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2 thoughts on “Gladiator Network”

  1. This realm is 1 of the best i3 is a great owner bringing the server back and owning other discord servers from the official realm huh to move promotions

  2. I’m trying to rejoin this server I used to be in it a while ago but I can’t find a working link to the discord

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