Global Coin Research (GCR)

Global Coin Research (GCR) is a Community of Investors & Researchers in Web3.

Global Coin Research (GCR)

Created: June 27, 2018

Members: 5205

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Global Coin Research is a community-first research and investment DAO founded in 2015.

We are a tokenized, decentralized community of builders and investors in Web3. Collectively, members of GCR source, diligence and commit personal capital into opportunities ranging from seed to late-stage growth.

GCR prides itself on the collective sweat equity that our members bring to support our investments, including:

– Partnerships: IRL events and online AMAs

– Product feedback: GCR’s members are enthusiastic early users of new Web3 products and will provide quick, rich feedback

– Marketing: tens of thousands of research newsletter subscribers (incl. representatives from Messari, Coinbase, NYT and WSJ) and Twitter followers (+100% y/y)

– GCR Angel Network: access to GCR’s investors and partners and resources to help you with your recruitment, research, and investment DAO set-up needs

Our aim is to create a community where everyone feels welcome and engaged in building the friendliest, trusted, and most progressive Investment DAO out there.

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