Gym Class – Basketball VR

Gym Class is the #1 most popular VR basketball app. Join the community for news, share feedback, unlock perks, and more!

Gym Class - Basketball VR

Created: September 06, 2020

Members: 63587

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Welcome to the Gymclass discord! Here you will find out what you should do first and where to go for certain things.

***First steps: verifying your discord account for Gym Class discord exclusive features.***

– Verifying your account will give you access to adding friends, exclusive maps and skins, and the ability to change your username with more coming in the future. Info how to do it is in #faq

– If you are wanting to report toxic behavior or you are having problems with you account, please go to #file-ticket- and we can get that sorted out

– If you are having troubles finding out how to level up, please go to #level-system hopefully that will help.

– Follow the video tutorial to learn how to verify your Oculus account with the GC discord integrated bot.

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