Halo Wars: DE

We're a contingent of Halo Wars Steam players who love the game and enjoy communities of like-minded players.

Halo Wars: DE

Created: December 21, 2020

Members: 1118

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We’re a modest community of Halo Wars:DE Steam players. We hope you’ll enjoy connecting with others who share a passion for all things Halo Wars. Join up and help us build a more friendly and inviting Halo Wars for everyone. nnMost of our members find games using the Looking-to-Play channel. Whether you play the game casually or competitively, there are active players available from all backgrounds. Elephants only? There are players for that. ODSTs until the game crashes? Spoiler alert: the team with the strongest GPUs takes it. Or, perhaps you enjoy building large armies and sending them out for glorious battle… I think we can find someone who likes that too. nnIf you like high-pressure matches to test your ability, we have several long-time players around who would be happy to help you test your mettle. And, if you’re looking to improve your skill, we have basic guides available for several common multiplayer maps. You’re more than welcome to ask around for pointers too. Plus, we host community tournaments!

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