Hello Kitty & friends! ♡~

A place for Hello Kitty fans, by Hello Kitty fans!

Hello Kitty & friends! ♡~

Created: May 17, 2019

Members: 23324

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Hello Kitty and Friends is a server that all Sanrio fans will love. We have Sanrio gift card giveaways, badges, events, nitro giveaways and lots of emotes for you to choose from!
We take pride in being the biggest Sanrio/Hello Kitty server on discord! Here some stuff that you might enjoy!
-Hello Kitty Forums
-Sanrio News Feed (Japanese News and American news)
-Hello Kitty bot!
-Mimu bot (custom Hello kitty game commands)
-Daily tasks
-Movie Nights
-And so much more!
We hope to see you in our server and be apart of the Sanrio/Hello Kitty community!

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