Hikari Riot Kidz 光

The Hikari Riot pass is a membership program that uses blockchain technology to reward supporters who have been with us.

Hikari Riot Kidz 光

Created: July 30, 2022

Members: 1760

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Hikari Riot pass is a Hikari Riders membership program backed by blockchain technology, the aim is to reward our supporters that been with us all these years, and it comes with a special perk within the Hikari Riders ecosystem.

We aim to empower Riot Kidz community with web3 education, we believe this is just the beginning of a journey for Riot Kidz and we are excited to announce additional perks soon.

A reminder, Hikari Riot Pass will have only 2500 supplies and this is it, there’s no other pass after this, also this is a lifetime perk. LFG!

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