Hundreds & Thousands

Web3 enabled indie game studio with fun and community at its gooey centre.

Hundreds & Thousands

Created: September 04, 2021

Members: 1730

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The Community: We’re super proud of our Discord community – it’s a bustling, lively space filled with gaming fans of all types. We’ve got everyone from folks who game in their spare time to hardcore pros, each bringing their own flavor to the mix. This is a place where respect, inclusivity, and shared love for gaming are the order of the day. We’re all about listening to our community and integrating their ideas and feedback into our games. With loads of cool events, sneak peeks, and passionate chat, our community is right at the heart of everything we do.

Hundreds & Thousands: At Hundreds & Thousands, we’re all about taking gaming to new heights while keeping things fun. Every game we create is designed with one thing in mind: it’s gotta be fun. That’s rule number one.

Sure, we’re big fans of all the exciting stuff blockchain technology can bring to the table. It’s a pretty awesome tool that can give players true ownership over their in-game stuff and achievements. But we’re also all about giving players choices – so we only use blockchain where it adds real value and always make it an option, not a must.

We also haven’t forgotten about the joy of holding a physical collectible in your hands – there’s nothing quite like it! That’s why we love creating games that mix digital play with real-world goodies, giving you a gaming experience that spills over into your everyday life.

At Hundreds & Thousands, we’re not just making games, we’re crafting unforgettable memories. We roll with the changes, embrace new tech, but never lose sight of what gaming is really about: having a good time.

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