Interbyte Studios

Development studio on the Roblox platform focused on creating immersive and innovative experiences.

Interbyte Studios

Created: March 20, 2019

Members: 16436

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Welcome to the Interbyte Studios Discord!

Interbyte studios a Roblox game development team that aims to create immersive and innovative experiences for players of all ages. We are a group of passionate and talented developers, artists, designers, and testers who love to make games that are fun, engaging, and original.

Our team was founded in late 2018 by veteran Roblox players, who, inspired by the many other great developers on the platform, followed their passion and went on to make popular games such as the Banning Simulator Series, Science Simulator, and more! Since then, our following on Roblox has grown to nearly 1 million people, and our games have reached over 2 million unique players.

Our current project is Banning Simulator X, the final game in the Banning Simulator series. To say we’re excited to release this game would be an understatement. Many have expressed their excitement for the game as well, and through the critique of our testers, we are confident that we will be able to release an EPIC experience to our community.

By joining our server, you will get access to exclusive sneak peeks, updates, polls, and feedback sessions for our games. You will also be able to chat with our team and other members, participate in events and giveaways, and have fun in our friendly and welcoming community.

We hope you enjoy your stay here and thank you for your support!

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