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The public server for the Jixaw community on YT

Jixaw Public Server

Created: October 26, 2020

Members: 6004

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This is the Jixaw server, but we’ve heard from many of our users that it’s more than that. it’s not just about some crap youtuber that does some crap. This is a community, a real community that understands each other’s humor and good intentions.

It’s hard to convince you like this, but what we can say is that upholding a good vibe is our number one priority. we do not allow for any type of discrimination, toxic talk or anything near or around that. We take our tickets seriously and are very active in moderating and making sure the vibe stays intact.

We do that by NEVER unbanning people. absolutely never. if you’re wondering how you make a great server, literally give people 2 chances and that’s it. literally nothing else.

So join up! It’ll be worth the effort, the humor we joke around with is all light-hearted and despite us saying we don’t give a scrap about anything, a good talk will always be possible with great people to befriend. Give it a try! You’re more than welcome 🙂

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