Juno Community Server

The largest community server for Juno: New Origins

Juno Community Server

Created: October 19, 2018

Members: 2456

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In the Juno Community Server you can find all sorts of players, some that love to make rockets, others that make planes, tanks, ships, just mess around with Vizzy, planet studio… There’s a place for everyone, with dedicated chats to talk about the game, share your creations, get feedback and help, and even share your best memes.

If you struggle to know what to do next in the game we have a set of challenges, records, suggested building themes, a gallery for art and screenshots… to spice up your game and enjoy it the best way possible, in group.

The presence of some of the developers, website moderators and youtubers makes the JCS the definitive hub to be in contact with everyone in the community, be up to date with what is going on, and even get access to sneak peeks every now and then.

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