Kaiju Legends NFT

Kaiju Legends is a community-driven collectibles project, while building our own ecosystem around the metaverse

Kaiju Legends NFT

Created: March 04, 2022

Members: 15422

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I’m kind of a big deal, one of a kind and adored by all! That is, of course, until that freak portal appeared out of nowhere! I got transported to some weird superdimensional landscape of non-Euclidean geometry and mushrooms, tons of mushrooms.

Long story short: I ate something there I probably shouldn’t have and before I knew it, my back was itching from these strange globules. Before I could scratch them off, thousands of baby Kaiju popped out, quickly developing into silly, dumb or mean variants of myself. After a lifetime of being alone, I suddenly had to adapt to being surrounded by, well, my offspring! Or clones! Or whatever!

Alright. Enough is enough. After all these shenanigans, it’s up to me to make things right again and get these annoying brats back to the dimension they came from. Either that, or disintegrate them with my death ray! RAAAWWWRR!!

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