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Kaijucord is one of the largest servers for passionate kaiju and tokusatsu fans out there!

KaijuCord ⋈

Created: December 23, 2019

Members: 2649

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Kaijucord is one of the largest discord servers for passionate fans of tokusatsu, the Japanese film genre that heavily specializes in special effects- most notable examples include Godzilla, Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Gamera, and Power Rangers. If you love any of those, then Kaijucord is the place for you!nnOur community is a close-knit one, but one that you can easily join into- new memebrs can easily connect with people and form close bonds with others, even long time members. We are mostly laid back and easy going, but can also engage in thorough discussions, both kaiju-related and just general talk- the mods & admins are chill and cool as well, but know when to lay the foot down when needed. We also allow for a flexible amount of space to express thoughts & opinions, as well as the freedom to criticize them (as long as its respectful).nnWe host a wide array of channels, each for their own unique topic, such as collectibles, art, sports, music, writing, etc- and of course, dedicated channels to kaiju & super sentai talks.nnVarious of our members are exceptional artists & creators of varying medias, such as animations & music- if you have those same talents, you’ll easily make a mark amongst them!nnWe also host weekly movie nights and occasional game nights, as well as hosting cool contests for holidays & special events, with prizes to be won (including nitro).nnSo if you’re looking for an active, welcoming, chill, and passionate discord server for all your kaiju & tokusatsu needs, then Kaijucord is the place for you!

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