Karaoke Lounge – Singing – Music

Singing is what we do, all day, every day, come and jam with us! or just listen. no judging, good vibes only!

Karaoke Lounge - Singing - Music

Created: January 13, 2017

Members: 80355

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Karaoke Lounge is a worldwide (we want to go solar system wide, but we need to fill out the paperwork) community where anyone can listen to and perform live music in a no stakes, just for fun, relaxed setting.

Besides that we also… well, actually that’s it, we don’t do anything else, i mean, cmon, why would we want to do anything else when we could be singing? right? actually, what are you doing reading, you nerd, come and SING WITH US, DO IT NOW, PLEASE, WE NEED NEW FRIENDS IT’S FUN I SWEAR

*Free pizza is subject to availability of stock (there’s none, we ate it all)

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