Welcome to YoonahKorn's Discord! We’re a community that was brought together from Twitch!~ Enjoy your stay homie, MWAH


Created: May 07, 2020

Members: 1653

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Welcome to YoonahKorn’s Discord! This community was created by streamer, artist, and cosplayer YoonahKorn, and quickly became a hub for users of similar passions to come together and have fun! Here, you’ll find artists, cosplayers, anime/manga fans, streamers, and many others. From the moment you join, you’re a homie, which means you’re already part of this one big friend group!

At its core, this server is founded on gaming. While most people in the community come from watching Yoonah stream League of Legends, you can find gamers from all types of genres, including fighting games, rhythm games, FPS games, MMORPGs, and more! Find players of all skill levels to join your party, run coop games with friends you meet along the way, or stream your playthroughs of singleplayer games while you vibe to music with friends.

Movies and television are a staple of our community and Yoonah regularly hosts movie nights and TV show/anime watch parties for movies and TV of all sorts. Fanart of all shapes can be found, whether in the form of videos, drawings, voice-overs, or even memes! Joining lets you use many of the fantastic emotes that Yoonah’s drawn herself, including those from Twitch if you are subscribed to her channel and have your Twitch account linked with Discord.

Sounds like fun, right? So don’t wait up and join one of the friendliest communities on Twitch and Discord. If you’re looking for friends and fun, you’ll have the time of your life with everyone here at the KornHub~!

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