We are a big creative house in spirit, often looking for fearless artists to take on art challenges and competitions!


Created: December 02, 2021

Members: 2184

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KUHALE is a big creative house in spirit. An art server like no other, devoted by an immense urge to help, support, guide, and provide young artist the means to exploit their creativity. We are an inclusive community, and as such, we celebrate diversity. Whether you are an Artist, a Buyer, an Esthete or a Gamer, we welcome you to our Server. Join us, and take pride on what we will build together!

We aim to be a genuine, trustworthy, and safe platform for creative people around the globe. Our goal is to become a community that, one day, can make us all proud of being part of. It is to continuously support others while building up their confidence, a solid creative habit, improving their skills, or simply by helping them establish relationships that will hopefully last for a life time.

We find enjoyment from supporting our members while fortifying our community as a whole. Join us in our journey, and start sharing your artwork with us. Make new friends, get commissioned, join our art events and competitions, fulfill your creative needs, trade your creations, and more!

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