Lalas of Light

European Lalafell community for FinalFantasy14 ^^ Monthly ingame parades and other fun events. A cosy chat community :3

Lalas of Light

Created: May 17, 2019

Members: 1912

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Lalas of Light is a FinalFantasy14 related community focussed on creating and hosting fun events with Lalafell players on all the European servers
Atleast once a month we host a themed parade which gets announced beforehand, where we walk through the wonderful world of Eorzea in our themed costumes, passing through the 3 starter cities of the game!
When we’re not hosting parades we host other fun events, like disco nights, jump puzzles in groups, or simply just hanging out with a group of people at one of our members houses.
Anyone with a fun little idea for a Lalafell event gets a voice in our community with our event calendar which allows members to fill open dates if they want to
We hope you’ll have a wonderful time in our little community ^^

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