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Discover the revolutionary way to earn money while walking.

Leandro Lopes

Created: February 21, 2023

Members: 2926

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Make every step count

Luxury fashion meets metaverse – get the strictly limited Day 1 Edition

Earning rewards has never been easier! Be one of the first to enter a unique world that combines gaming and fashion like never before!

Be part of an ever-growing game world that is co-designed by players, find unique treasures, earn valuable LOPES Points and secure great rewards such as new Leandro Lopes fashion, which you will then receive in the real world!

And the best thing about it: As soon as we have a million players in the game, the treasure hunt for 1 million euros begins.

What awaits you in the Leandro Lopes Metaverse:

– Rewards for running: make every step count! True to our motto, you earn Lopes Points for your steps, which you can exchange for real bonuses and rewards.

– Unique 3D character: Your personal 3D avatar will be almost as beautiful as our shoes. You can also get all of Leandro Lopes’ clothes in the game and put them on your avatar. Find exclusive digital fashion directly in the game and design your avatar as unique as you are!

– Multiplayer: Invite your friends, send them challenges and fight your way up the leaderboards, it’s worth it!

– Immersive game world: You help shape the game, because Lopes Stores are THE hotspot in the game. Players themselves can inspire their favorite store to become part of the game. Receive exclusive in-game rewards such as special titles and unique clothing items as rewards!

– Treasure Chests: XP boosters, effects for your avatar, trading cards and even real prizes can be hidden in treasure chests. The more you run, the more rewards you get.

– Pets: Your digital companion has never been more valuable! Your companion will contact you via push notification, even if the game is running in the background, so you don’t miss any treasure in the game!

The game is free to play but only real miners who have ordered the mining shoe enjoy incredible advantages in the game:

– Own title that only comes with the shoes
– 10,000 more reward steps, so you can secure even more rewards
– Own mining pool – 40% of the weekly rewards are reserved exclusively for miners

What are you waiting for? The mining shoes are strictly limited!

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