MBA Raasta

Official community of awesome peeps striving hard to get a 99+ percentile in CAT, MBA entrance exams in India and beyond

MBA Raasta

Created: June 13, 2021

Members: 3038

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The original, longest-running, and only public official Discord Server for CAT and other MBA entrance exams in India and beyond!

What started as a regular study group is now more than a close-knit community of inspired peer group who’ll stop at nothing to achieve their dreams of making it to a top B school.

We have server alums who made it top IIMs from our server and a cohort of top mock takers across the country.

Study sessions/Mock analyses are additional perks.

And if you want additional motivation, please join and add your own cup of inspiration to this exclusive and cool community of future(and present) kick-ass alums! ATB for CAT and beyond!! 🙂

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