MelonSMP is one of the biggest Minecraft servers in the world, come join and check it out! Everyone is friendly here!

Melon Club

Created: October 13, 2021

Members: 20853

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Our server is one of the biggest Minecraft servers in the world, dedicated to the public Minecraft SMP ‘MelonSMP’. We are a vibrant and friendly community, offering support for in-game issues/ queries, as well as giving our players a safe space to socialize with others. Our network is well-moderated and is very active. Our members are free to be themselves and to enjoy their time with other members in our various text and voice channels within the safe environment that we have created for them, or they are able to catch the news on our game server updates and new content plans. Although we are a server dedicated to the MelonSMP network, our Discord server is open to non-players who wish to socialize with other people who have interests in Minecraft and online gaming. Also, we host events such as talent shows for our community to showcase their interests and skills in other areas besides Minecraft. To describe our server simply: our community is a large, beautiful hub of members from all walks of life that enjoy socializing and making memories within a safe space.

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