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Created: December 27, 2021

Members: 12617

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This server is for NFT enthusiasts around the world to hang out, make friends, flex their NFT collection, show off themself. Also, people here are encouraged to share life, daily activities, food, and some trading experience in the crypto world!nnWhat can you do with a LAND NFT from MGLand?nLAND is a piece of MG.Land, granting the possibility to monetize through:n- Take part in MG.Land governance, get special benefits,n- Receive rewards by token $MGL,n- Organize various community activities: AMA, community call, press conferences,n- Host games or events on your own LAND,n- Improve the brandu2019s sense of technology,n- Bind an independent domain name to build your Web3 world,n- Deploy Branded NFT to increase your on-chain assets and influence,n- Set a condition that only those who own your NFT are eligible to join your LAND.

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