Minecraft Legacy Edition

The Minecraft: console edition community! Join us to chat, share, and play together on minecraft legacy!

Minecraft Legacy Edition

Created: June 16, 2022

Members: 2912

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Welcome to our Minecraft Legacy Discord Server! This is a community dedicated to preserving and celebrating the classic versions of Minecraft, including the versions, Xbox 360 edition, minecraft xbox one edition, minecraft wii u edition, minecraft psvita edition, minecraft ps3 edition, minecraft ps4 edition, minecraft 3ds and minecraft switch edition. Here you will find a friendly and active community of players who love the simplicity and nostalgia of these older versions of the game.

Join us to chat with other Minecraft console edition players, share your experiences and stories, and talk with other legacy minecraft players. We also organize regular events and challenges, so you can test your skills and compete with other players.

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