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Created: March 11, 2022

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we are cool funny stox and rich lol !I’ll be down for your rap
I’ll be down for your rhythm
It still makes my heart pound
It makes me be the real me
Yeah I love this

[Chorus: V]
(Hip! Hop!) Has the scent of humans
(Hip! Hop!) Writing down my life
(Hip! Hop!) Is now part of my life
(Hip! Hop!) Yeah this ma (Hip! Hop!)

[Verse 2: J-Hope]
Yo ma Hiphop enrollment?
I felt it with my body as I entered
Boogaloo, King Tut, old school rhythms
Entrusting the beat with rhyme and my tongue
It shows its prominence, it’s rap dance time
Yeah ma role model
Dynamic Duo, Verbal with Epik High
I’m still inexperienced as I write my resume
Breaking down my namelessness, flying on stage
They helped me get up when I didn’t know anything
The artist, ring that rang

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