Community for artists hosted by Mooncolony, a concept art and illustration studio.


Created: November 04, 2019

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Welcome to the Official Mooncolony Community: The Moon Alliance.

Mooncolony is a premium concept art and illustration studio operating in the video games industry, working with clients including ZeniMax Online Studios, Riot Games, and Blizzard Entertainment.

We gave ourselves a mission: to provide a supportive community for artists where members can share industry advice, refine skills, and grow careers. So, we decided to start a Discord server for a community united by a passion for great art.

It’s also a professional networking space for those who may be interested in working with or for Mooncolony.

So get closer to the action and have a peek behind the scenes at one of the galaxy’s fastest-growing concept art studios!

We’re going to have to start being careful about how many more people join or we might start to run out of oxyg-

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