Community-run server about the Norwegian artist, songwriter, and record producer AURORA (Aurora Aksnes).


Created: July 09, 2019

Members: 3108

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This server is dedicated to the Norwegian artist AURORA! We are a server of 3000+ members from all over the world. We provide a safe space for all fans, whether you are a new or have known her for a long time.

We have many events and giveaways (concert ticket giveaways, nitro giveaways) and are always open to suggestions for more! We have many different channels to talk about AURORA, as well as many channels dedicated to the community. Lastly, we have a Minecraft server open to all members of our server (with creative and survival worlds).

Come take a look around in our chats and talk to and make friends with other fans in the community, we hope to see you here!

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