MSM Hacks

We are a team of mod-makers and programmers engaged in the resurrection of old and forgotten games.

MSM Hacks

Created: May 04, 2023

Members: 8804

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Hi! We are a team of talented developers and mod makers who develop servers for old forgotten games.

We allow new generations to play previously cancelled games, giving them a second life.

Our journey began with My Singing Monsters, for which Zewsic created a private server, and although that game was not closed, it gave us a start for new victories. We resurrected My Muppets Show which was closed more than 8 years ago. We still have many goals, and we will definitely achieve them!

Plans for the coming years:

1. My Muppets Show
2. My Singing Monsters 1.0
3. My Singing Monsters Chienese
4. PvZ 3
5. PvZ 3 (old, vertical)
6. MSM Dawn Of Fire

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