Myriad Gaming

Invite your friends! We are an open community, typically focusing on League, but we love to play other games, too!

Myriad Gaming

Created: May 26, 2018

Members: 1462

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Myriad gaming has been around since May of 2018. It was originally created as a friend server for Dralga, but has since expanded into the beautiful community it has. We do anything and everything in Myriad such as:

► League of Legends
• Clash
• Customs
• Ranked LFG

► Minecraft
• Whitelist SMP
• Modded in the works

► Teamfight Tactics
• We have high diamonds ☺
• We play to have fun

► Valorant
• We are all basically trash except for the immortal that plays with us
• We don’t hate on women
• The owner is a Lineup Larry ☺

► Flavor of the month games
• V Rising
• Rust
• Ark
• Super People
• Any other games that come and go

♫ If this sounds like the place for you, stop by and bring your friends ♫

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