Mystic・Spectral Realm・Nitro

Spectral Realm is a server where you can use your favourite bots, join daily giveaways and also just a place to hangout!

Mystic・Spectral Realm・Nitro

Created: June 01, 2020

Members: 11081

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Spectral Realm is a fun, social, Dank Memer server with lots of fun events and giveaways every day. We have a welcoming and caring community waiting for you to join us! Earn millions every day and get rich. We also have other bots and a social side to the server if you don’t play Dank Memer. There are frequent nitro giveaways for you to participate in. We have Karuta, Bro Bot, OwO and more bots involved within our server. Join our community now and don’t miss out.

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