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♫ Welcome to Nintendo Loop - a 24/7 Nintendo Music Stream running bangers, a Discord Family with regular activities! ♫

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Created: July 12, 2017

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Join us in loud, stay for the crowd!

♫ Welcome to Nintendo Loop – a 24/7 Nintendo Music Stream run by a dedicated Community! And a Discord Server banding all of you together to a tight-knit family to depend on. ♫

We take song requests on Stream for free every day, and hold themed events every week. Yours could be the next!

We greatly value being welcoming for everyone, veterans and newcomers, old and young, and those of differing opinions. The underrated, the mainstream, the niche games, – all things Nintendo find their place with us!

We of course have many off-topic conversations as well, no need to fear. Besides all of these things, we run monthly challenges and activities, like tournaments and hangouts, team clashes and bi-weekly Bingo Nights (with prizes!).

Interested? It might be a vast place at first, but we are constantly trying our best to improve your experience with your fellow peers on here.

Cheers, see you soon! ♫

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