Obey Me! Nightbringer!

We are a server dedicated to the otome game "Obey Me! One Master To Rule Them All!"

Obey Me! Nightbringer!

Created: November 27, 2020

Members: 11560

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Obey Me! Shall We Date? One Master To Rule Them All!nnAs the largest Obey Me! Discord, we provide the latest Obey Me! updates, fast and thorough help with any questions you have about the game and a large, safe community of all types of players from different walks of life to get to know and befriend.nnWe strive to be the most welcoming, informative, and an overall enjoyable community full of casual and devoted players alike.nnu02DAuFF61u22C6u02DAu22C6u02DAuFF61u22C6u02DAu22C6u02DAuFF61u22C6u02DAu22C6u02DAuFF61u22C6u02DAu22C6u02DAuFF61u22C6u02DAu22C6u02DAuFF61u22C6u02DAu22C6u02DAuFF61u22C6u02DAu22C6u02DAuFF61u22C6u02DAu22C6u02DAuFF61u22C6u02DAu22C6u02DAuFF61u22C6u02DAu22C6u02DAuFF61u22C6u02DAu22C6u02DAuFF61u22C6u02DAu22C6u02DAnnAdditional Information:nnu2727 Official Obey Me! announcements for both English and Japanese speaking Obey Me! Fans. u2727nnu2727 Interact and speak with the Demon Brothers, Diavolo, Barbatos, Luke, Simeon and Solomon themselves! u2727nnu2727 Polite and helpful members who will help you with anything Obey Me! related, from best methods of making DP to making the best of your teams and items, especially for newer players. u2727nnu2727 A welcoming, close community looking to talk to others about Obey Me!, share headcanons, theories and flat-out get excited over the characters and game! u2727nnu2727 The best place to stay up to date about everything Obey Me! u2727

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