OG’s Multiverse

This is Not OG's server here is where we do lots of things like help people get fruit for a certain roblox game

OG’s Multiverse

Created: October 04, 2020

Members: 68116

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❓ What is this place?!? ❓
This server is a YouTube Server For OG Shinobi, a YouTuber with lots of subscribers! We are a fan community of the cool YouTuber. Whilst we watch his daily content and streams, we also play other Roblox games, some games not on roblox, some in-server games using bots, have meaningful conversations and also host giveaways at some point!

That’s awesome! What do I do from here thought?
Once you’re here, feel free to read the 『 』server-rules , chat in 『 』general-chat ! Feel free to also join some of our giveaways in 『 』giveaways It will be a pleasure to meet you all in 『 』general-chat

I don’t understand this. I’m confused!
If you need any help or questions, feel free to message an existing and online member of staff through DMs or in the channels provided. Please do not hesitate to ask, we are always open to questions!

We hope you have a wonderful time here in OG’ Multiverse!

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