Opera GX

The official Discord server of the world's first gaming browser.

Opera GX

Created: May 27, 2020

Members: 404560

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Welcome to the official server of Opera GX, the world’s first browser designed specifically for gamers!

Our server is suitable for all age groups*, and welcomes members from all over the world, thanks to our dedicated language channels, now featuring Russian, Polish, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Turkish!
With over 350k members we are a dynamic and fun community of gamers, so come by and visit us!

Community support for Opera GX!

First-hand news about Opera GX

Fun events and contests with amazing prizes!

Regular giveaways!

A place to find new friends!

✨ Variety of cool emojis!

Active text channels in 7 different languages!

Multiple fun bots including our own economy system with various rewards for your activity!

*: Over 13 as required by Discord’s ToS

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