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The Discord for the PokeNerds Store! A passionate community of fans and friends sharing their love of pokemon.

Pokénerds Community

Created: June 20, 2019

Members: 2656

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Hey there, new PokeNerd!nnWelcome to the PokeNerds Discord Server. We’re glad to have you here. Before you get started, let me tell you a little bit about us.nnWe’re a group (and retail store) of passionate Pokemon fans who love to nerd out about all things Pokemon. Whether it’s discussing the latest games, dissecting the anime, or just talking about our favorite Pokemon, we love to do it all.nnWe also love to help newbies get started on their Pokemon journey. So if you’re new to the franchise or just getting started with the games, we’re here to help.nnWe hope you join our party for the journey, now let’s catch em all!

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