The /r/badminton discord is a home for badminton enthusiasts, players, and everything to do with badminton and more.


Created: January 17, 2017

Members: 3925

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The /r/badminton discord is an enthusiastic community of badminton fans and players from all over the world. We’re an English speaking server with channels such as:

– equipment-q: for any and every badminton equipment, purchasing, and recommendation question
– gear-equipment: share pictures of your badminton equipment
– self-highlights: post your gameplay highlights and ask for tips
– other-sports: chat with fans of various popular sports
– off-topic: casual conversation unrelated to other channels
– food-n-drinks: show us your food!
– memes: for both badminton and other memes

You can join our server by reading the rules in #rules and then reacting to the confirmation message at the bottom. If you require assistance then please message a mod/admin :).

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