The official Discord community of Reddit's video gaming forum, r/masseffect, for Bioware's Mass Effect fandom.


Created: February 13, 2021

Members: 4707

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We are the official Discord of the r/MassEffect subreddit, an inclusive and welcoming server full of Mass Effect fans from all over the world!

Find news here, game help and tips, chat about modding, take in some fan art, check the fanfic links, and speculate wildly about the fifth Mass Effect game currently in development!

More than that, stay and make some new friends! We’re all gamers to whom Mass Effect means something special, and that gives us something in common right from the start!

You Should Go… right to the r/MassEffect Discord server!

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2 thoughts on “r/MassEffect”

  1. much nicer than other server i went to (very mean and cyberbully mod), very nice to people and respects opinions

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