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CPRP:R Is the community of an age old game called "Creepypasta Roleplay", that was recently brought back.

Regalia Enterprise

Created: November 19, 2022

Members: 2558

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Welcome to the CreepyPasta RP: Reborn Discord server! This is the perfect place for fans of the game to come together and connect with one another. Our server is owned and operated by Elysium Entertainment, the team behind CreepyPasta RP: Reborn.

Our server is equipped with many channels to make sure everyone has a place to discuss various topics. If you’re looking to stay updated on what’s happening in-game, our news channel is the place to be. Our resident News Reporter, DreadStar, reports on events, community activities, and other important information related to the game. We also have four update channels dedicated to important updates related to our Trello, the server, Twitter, and the game itself.

Our staff are dedicated to making sure everyone has a great experience while on our server. In addition to the regular channels, we have staff-random-posts, where our staff members can post random things and just hang out with the community. We also have a god apps channel for when god applications are open and a help-desk channel for reporting rule breakers or any bugs you may find.

We understand that our community is passionate about the game, so we’ve provided channels for people to connect on topics such as oc-discussion, art-channel, and fan-art channels. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, everyone is welcome in our community.

We have a variety of roles on the server to make sure that everyone feels included and can find their place. These roles include Staff, Retired Staff, Head of Staff, Developer, Helper, Lore Council, Known Member, and Active Member among many others. We also have a verification system in place to ensure that everyone who joins our server is here for the right reasons.

Finally, we want to emphasize that our server is a safe and inclusive space for everyone. We have strict rules in place to ensure that everyone is respected and feels comfortable while in our community. We have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech, harassment, or discrimination of any kind. We want everyone to feel welcome, and our staff members are always available to help if needed.

Thank you for considering joining our CreepyPasta RP: Reborn Discord server. We look forward to seeing you there!

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