Reminis Station

A Journey through Reminiscences | We are an English & Vietnamese Community • Social & Interest Clubs • Chill

Reminis Station

Created: July 01, 2019

Members: 1257

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Reminis Station is a cozy server for the Vietnamese community while welcoming friends from all over the world.

Our server aims for a toxicity/drama free community. We strive for positivity and spread good vibes to everyone!
– An English uD83CuDDFAuD83CuDDF8 and Vietnamese uD83CuDDFBuD83CuDDF3 server

– A chill and safe place for friends uD83CuDF43u2601uFE0F (SFW)

– 500+ emotes & stickers

– Forum & Club Houses: where like-minded people discuss about various interests and hobbies including art, design, photography, music, gaming, fashion, cooking, etc.

– Movie Night: streaming anime/movie collections every weekend

– Unique server-exclusive gacha role system!

– Custom bot, OwO bot, Birthday bot, PokeMeow bot, etc.

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