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Join a growing community of Roblox enthusiasts in RoGold! The place for Roblox users of the RoGold extension.

RoGold | Roblox Extension

Created: July 13, 2021

Members: 15172

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This is the community discord for the Roblox extension RoGold

RoGold adds many features to improve your Roblox experience. With over 40 different features, there is something for both developers and players!

Some of our features:
– Keep track of games you love by pinning them with the Pinned Games feature.
– Join a small or empty server in a flash without tediously finding them with the Small Server feature.
– Prioritise your best friends and see them on your home page with the Best Friends feature.
– See game stats update in realtime with the Live Game Stats feature.
– Get more detailed group stats with the Group Stats feature.
And much much more!

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