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Created: February 19, 2018

Members: 176471

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Rolimon’s is the largest and most active Roblox trading Discord server, and the official server of the Rolimon’s website at

Things to Do
Trade with other members
Post trade ads
⚖️ Submit trade proofs for value change requests
Chat about trading, UGC, limiteds, Roblox, and much more!
✨ Get ping notifications for free UGC limiteds

Our Notifications and News
• New Limiteds
• Free UGC Limiteds
• New UGC Limiteds
• Value Changes
• Item Projections
• Trading News + Roblox News
• Roblox Events + Free Items

Stay updated with our trading channels, limited item notifications, bots and many other resources to help you trade.

Our server is highly active and you can almost always find someone to make a deal with!

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