Rustoria is a widely recognised Rust server community hosting several servers of MANY kinds in multiple regions!


Created: January 28, 2017

Members: 211547

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Rustoria is a friendly community where we welcome all Rust players. We offer many different types of servers such as:

– A wide range of official servers.

– Modded 10x, 5x & 3x servers.

– Vanilla 2x servers.

– Training servers.

– And more!

These servers are hosted in multiple regions to ensure the best experience for the players!

In this Discord server you can do many different things apart from receiving support. We have a dedicated feedback & suggestions channel where all feedback is read and considered.

You will also find all our announcements regarding upcoming server changes, as well as general updates relevant to the Rustoria community.

Apart from general support, we also have specific support channels for:

– Network support: A dedicated team works with players and the server host to resolve any network-related issues that may arise, ensuring everyone can experience our servers to their fullest.

– Payment support: A dedicated team can help resolve any issues or questions related to our ingame perks and kits.

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