Sanctuary – Diablo 4 Community

Official Blizzard partnered Diablo 4 Community! Discuss, share, learn about Diablo 4. Trading, LFG, Builds, Event Alerts

Sanctuary - Diablo 4 Community

Created: June 24, 2022

Members: 485725

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“Sanctuary” is the Blizzard Officially Partnered Discord server for the Diablo 4 Game.

In here, we provide a safe place for everyone to discuss, learn and share knowledge about the game.
Our goal is to provide an healthy environment for you to truly feel part of a genuinely friendly community!

Thanks to our official Blizzard partner status, you will also be able to access official Blizzard information, giveaways, and events.

We also promote a lot of different content creators from all around the world! We are a hub for creativity 🙂

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One thought on “Sanctuary – Diablo 4 Community”

  1. Mods dont follow their own rules , abusive mods , if you criticize D4 they will mute you even if it is constructive.

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