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The Official Discord for The SCP Foundation | We die in the dark so that you can live in the light.

SCP Foundation Official Server

Created: August 19, 2021

Members: 11901

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Welcome personnel! If you’re reading this (and are 16 or above), you’re cleared to access and join the top-secret channels of the Official SCP Discord Server! Join our guild if you want to meet other SCP fans, discuss SCPs, or just chill with people who finally get those obscure references!nnOur server also features a dedicated critique section, allowing you to refine your writing and hopefully solicit positive feedback to publish your own article, whether it be an SCP, a tale, a GoI Format, or something else! Just be sure to be respectful to our volunteers (and even volunteer yourself, if you’re up for it!)nnOn top of that, we have a weekly reading club as well, where we go on a (discord) stage and read out / discuss a handful of articles every week! You can join live, listen to a recording, or just read + comment on the article on your own!nnSo if any of this sounds fun to you, why not join us today? We promise the Keters don’t bite (except for when they do)!

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