Shaman Classic

We're about all things Classic World of Warcraft Shaman. If you "hurl bolts of lightning"... you're home.

Shaman Classic

Created: December 19, 2016

Members: 56570

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If you have found yourself playing, or being forced to play, the wrong class, welcome. We collect useless and broken people with caffeine, alcohol, gambling, waifu and other serious addictions. Your primary addiction, however, should be to the Shaman class and accompanying lifestyle.

We can help you. Whether you need to know how you can best equip yourself to perform suboptimally compared to the pures, or how to overexert yourself attempting to improve upon you already steeply diminished return, we’re here.

Our goal at Shaman Discord is to reaffirm your buyer’s remorse and enforce the knowledge you made a mistake. Let’s be real… Shaman is fun. Shaman is the kid picked last at dodgeball but allowed to throw first. No one really wanted you yet you start off strong, feel amazing, and are quickly sidelined by both teams.

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